The Visual Brand

January 7, 2015 Written by Rebelle + Charlot - No Comments

Q. How do retail formats achieve Visual Brand recognition?

In every consumer experience there is a vital opportunity to leave a lasting impression. It starts with incorporating identifiable characteristics of your business into every point of contact. Here are a trio of tips to help you make it happen.

1. A consistently incorporated logo, company colour or brand typography (to name but a few) are far more apt to benefit your packaging than a clear plastic bag. From the kiosk on the beach to boutique around the corner, purposeful packaging offers many rewards far beyond effectively housing the purchase. Gratitude. Perception. Growth!

2. Strategic merchandising speaks volumes. Step back and evaluate your format through the eyes of your customer. From the outside in (be it a boutique, e-store, kiosk, trade show booth, trunk show or pop up), is the unspoken view a collaborative message? Does the appearance of your brand support the verbal and written values? Look beyond the crucial standards of sizing, garment care and face outs to find unique ways to present your wares. Simple display initiatives often achieve the greatest impact!

3. Customer service is not just about selling and serving, it’s about product knowledge and accountability. Store design, marketing initiatives and merchandise assortments emulate the unspoken persona. The front line should ‘speak’ the same language. Staff that genuinely reflect the same principals and re-enforce the mission make all the difference.

Factor in consistency and you are sure to make your mark! #‎daretodreamandcreatewonder‬