Our coterie is an e-source platform to which a palette of creative networks ensue.  Daily exposure to diverse fashion industry professionals, in the quest for building an ambitious fashion brand, is the inspiration behind this directory. From business to beauty, creative to communications, education & beyond; access an introductory glimpse of coast-to-coast contacts in OUR WORLD and subscribe to #LBB [our "LITTLE BLACK BOOK"] for viable leads globally. 


We support and empower education, authenticity & philanthropy.  What ignites us aside from our fervor for fashion?  It's literal:  LIBI  ["Learn Impact Before Indulging"].  Learn more #LIBI.  We dare to dream that a portion of each #LBB subscription proceed can make a difference. 


The journey starts here with your initiative.  We wish you much success!





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 Our LITTLE BLACK BOOK is your go-to fashion e-source directory!


Save time by accessing a diverse palette of industry networks in the pursuit of building your ambitious fashion brand.  Your #LBB subscription gains you infinite access to a diverse hub of fashion industry contacts.  We offer viable leads in the following segments:  Business * Communications * Corporate * Creative * Fashion Stylists * Freelance * Marketing * Networks * Offshore Sources * Online Resources * Patent * PR & Publicity * Retail Design * Social Media * Sourcing * Trade Associations * Tradeshows * Trademarks * Trends & Forcasting


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How we #sparkXchange: Learn Impact Before Indulging

What sparks us aside from our fervor for fashion? Children; their intuitiveness, imaginative minds and pure potential. So when a child's abilities are thwarted from life's abundance, as parents, we are distressed.


how do the two collide? Most unfortunately in the making of fakes from high-fashion to well-known brands. Such as? Absorb the scope via the Harpers Bazaar campaign.


The LIBI initiative is literal: "Learn impact before indulging". Committed to educating consumers about the realities of buying a fake and empowering them to make choices they can live with. This fact-filled informative arms buyers with knowledge and footsteps to prevention. Please peruse. LIBI is an initiative that supports and empowers education, authenticity and philanthropy. Our wish? Put your money back into the pockets of deserving artisans, fair trade organizations and causes that support economic growth, thriving lives and education v. organized crime syndicates.


i will help. Rebelle + Charlot is proudly in alliance with i will help, a social activating platform that allows any business or person to give thanks via "the gift of giving" by rewarding credits to their client, affiliate or network. This shifts the ability directly to the recipient to turn those credits into a dollars donation to ANY cause (among some 83,000 Canadian Charities in their database) that resonates with them. Corporate social responsibility has a new level of convenience. Genius we say!


we pledge. In light of LIBI, we are dedicated to turn every iwillhelp credit into charitable dollars towards the Teacher of Ten Thousand Generations Foundation. A Hong Kong based charity established to afford underprivileged children in China the gift of a better life through education. Learn more #LBB.

For thought how many times have you seen or been approached by an annoying seller of "branded" handbags or accessories? They entice you from trunks of cars, an old warehouse, back alleys, a pop up table in a park, the flea market or via an internet site. All of these formats promise authenticity at a $100 (or less) price tag. Have you ever asked yourself these questions: What is a fake? Who makes fakes? If so, the answer awaits here in a trio of facts.


the facts. Fakes steal childhoods. Child labor enables fakes to exist. Kidnapped and confined, abused and tortured by their captures to keep up the row-by-row assembly of fake trimmings. Those valuable little hands are governed, allowing mass production of those intricate details, to knock it off effectively at a minimal cost. Fakes enable thieves to thrive and children to fall. Fakes steal industry. Counterfeit profits go directly to thieves. From drug dealers and gangs, to human trafficking and child labor rings. Jobs go to organized crime syndicates v. the brand, designer, skilled artisans and employees. There is no legitimate brand that offers an unbranded retailing format without authentic customer service initiatives, namely a receipt. Fakes steal authenticity. From silhouette, color, and texture, to details and trimmings; all elements of design are plagiarized and replicated. Permission is not being asked of nor given.


be the spark. Saying NO to fakes makes far greater of an impact than meets the eye. Put your money into the pockets of deserving artisans, fair trade organizations and causes that support economic growth, thriving lives and education v. organized crime syndicates. Learn impact before indulging and decide who deserves the reward of your hard earned dollars. YOU are a powerful consumer! What is the defining step to prevention? Save your money and purchase from the branded retailer or authorized dealer. If online retailing formats are your method, look to Forbes for tips. This is our spark, find yours! Learn more #sparkXchange.




  • Audrey Hepburn

    As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

  • Author Unknown

    If loving fashion is a crime, then we plead guilty.

  • Author Unknown

    Every blondie needs a brownie by her side.

  • Martin Luther King

    Faith is the first step when you don't see the whole staircase.

  • Chinese Proverb

    People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

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